K7 Antivirus For MAC 1PC 1Year

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K7 Security

Complete protection for MacOS.

  • Powerful protection with no impact on system performance
  • Award-winning Antivirus protection for Macs
  • Real-time threat protection & elimination
  • Works against both Mac & Windows-based viruses

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Why K7 Antivirus for Mac?

Ultra-Lite Performance: K7’s Antivirus for Mac runs efficiently in the background, with no impact on your Mac’s performance.

Award-winning Antivirus Protection for MacOS: Over the last 10 years, K7 has consistently been rated amongst the best performing antivirus out of many global competitors.

Real-time Threat Detection & Elimination: Detect & eliminate threats upon detection. K7 automatically scans connected devices, networks and websites, keeping you safe all the time.

Rated the best antivirus by experts,
consistently for the last 10 years

Features of K7 Antivirus for Mac

Real-time Protection (K7Sentry): Scans all files in real-time as they are used and blocks/clears infected files.

On-demand scanning: Intuitive user-interface with one-click options to perform key tasks.

Total Malware Detection: Detects both Mac and non-Mac threats, viruses, spyware, trojans, worms and adware, on your computer, network drives, external disks and downloaded from the internet or received by email.

Scheduled Scans: Scheduled and background scans at regular intervals or at specific times.

Quarantine Manager: Isolate infected files and block all access to them.

Updates and Notifications: Quick and daily updates, OS X-style notifications for immediate attention to threats.


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  1. Dr. Satendtra Raut

    Highly recommend K7 antivirus for Mac. I have been using for 2 year and the performance of my system is really great comparatively.

    Dr. Satendtra Raut

  2. Ankit Niraula

    Never used a Better antivirus than K7 before! Previously I have used all major antivirus software but they have eventually slowed down my Mac. But K7 antivirus has never slowed down my Mac till date.

    Ankit Niraula