Downadup Removal Tool
Downloadup is a net-worm also commonly
called Conficker that spreads through the
K7 Auto-Run Tweaker
Enables/disables the autorun feature for
your computer’s drives based on drive
type, e.g. fixed,removable,network or CD/DVD.
K7 Uninstallation Tool
Dedicated standalone
utility to uninstall
various K7 products
K7 Tdss Remover Tool
Generically identifies and removes TDSS
infections. TDSS is a rootkit malware that
hides its presence on the computer.
K7 Diag tool
Collects system and K7 product
information to help troubleshoot
K7 DSM Fixer
Fixes corrupted
K7 antivirus signature
database files.
K7 Disinfector Tool
Generically detects and cleans a subset
of prevalent file infector malware that
infect files on the computer.
K7 Offline Updater
Utility to update the K7 antivirus signature
database without an active internet
K7 Proxy Enable Fixit Tool
Generically identifies and removes invalid
proxy entries from Windows Registry and
solves the update issues